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SURVIVOR – Non Solas Rescue Craft

Non Solas Rescue Craft ARE required under the AMSA Commercial Survey Requirements for vessels greater than 25m , as part of your safety equipment .

Survival craft—a craft capable of sustaining the lives of persons in distress from the time of abandoning the [parent] vessel.

They are principally required for  – man overboard recovery [ MOB ] – MO25 . [or]

– marshalling lifeboats [ie towing liferafts away from burning parent – vessel ]

NON SOLAS RESCUE CRAFT –  are required to be fitted with a motor. [not supplied ]

Required on Vessels [25 m or greater…]  class – 1B , 1C ,2B , 2C , 3B , 3C  [passenger , workboat , fishing ]

Can replace NSCV Survival Craft Dinghy in class – 1D , 2D , 3D [passenger , workboat , fishing ]

Can be used as Tender or Auxiliary


Also available – Poly CRADLE to suit hull – built to NSCV Buoyant device standard [ carley float] pictured/yellow.

non solas rescue craft NSCV.FINN 11 non solas rescue craft NSCV.FINN 10 - Copy non solas rescue craft NSCV.FINN 8 - Copy non solas rescue craft NSCV.FINN 6 non solas rescue craft NSCV.3 non solas rescue craft NSCV.2 finn SURVIVOR - NON SOLAS RESCUE BOAT SURVIVOR NONSOLAS RESCUE BOAT NSCV ANNEX B part C Section 7 Subsection 7A rescue dinghy nscv non-solas rescue craft FINN POLY BOAT NON SOLAS RESCUE CRAFT QLD AUSTRALIA