SPINDRIFT NSCV Annex c  DINGHY. Part c sect 7 sub 7a
SPINDRIFT NSCV Annex c  DINGHY. Part c sect 7 sub 7a.3
SPINDRIFT NSCV Annex c  DINGHY. Part c sect 7 sub 7a.3.4
sharkie rescue
2.4 survival craft
2.4 survival craft.Spindrift on Ferry
nscv liferaft 2.4
nscv spindrift 2.4 survival craft
nscv survival craft liferaft
spindrift dinghy 2.4
spindrift dinghy survival craft – NSCV

NSCV Dinghy – 2.4 m + Survival Craft – Part of your lifesaving equipment


NSCV ‘DINGHY ‘ – Part of your lifesaving equipment – National Standard for Commercial Vessels

Available in  –   2.4 m [Spindrift ]

–   3.0 m [ Spindrift ]

– 4.0 m [ Survivor ]

–  4.2 m [ Spindrift ]
Part C Design and construction
Subsection 7A Safety equipment

REQUIRED  –  on Commercial Vessels  25 m + ,  in Class – 1D , 2D , 3 D .

survival craft—
a craft capable of sustaining the lives of persons in distress from the time of abandoning the [parent ] vessel. It includes a lifeboat, rescue boat, liferaft, buoyant appliance and ‘DINGHY’ . [ Means must be provided to enable the survival and rapid rescue of persons overboard.]

In addition to the requirements for marking contained in Annex C, the dinghy shall have the parent vessel’s identification legibly and permanently marked on the dinghy’s transom in figures not less than 75 mm in height in contrasting colours.
Dinghies shall be stowed so that they—
a) can be safely deployed from a vessel with up to 10º trim and 15º list either way;
b) do not impede deployment of other survival craft; and
c) are ready for immediate deployment.
a) Where manual launching is not possible, a means of launching a dinghy with its full complement of equipment should be provided. Such means shall be capable of launching and recovering the dinghy when loaded with 2 persons (each assumed to be 80 kg weight) and its full outfit of equipment.
b) The dinghy shall be provided with fittings that are compatible with the method of launching.

Means shall be provided to ensure that the stowage positions of dinghies and the areas of water into which dinghies will be deployed shall be sufficiently illuminated during assembly, embarkation, launching and retrieval in accordance with the requirements

note – Commercial use Tenders MUST be 3m +

–  Survival Craft [ 3 m + ] may be used as tenders