What are your products made of?

UV stabilised (protected) rotomoulded polyethylene, which is made for Australian conditions. All plastics are not the same and we only use plastic, which is of the highest quality. The material we use is virtually indestructible.

Why should I buy a polyethylene boat or kayak?

They are tough, offer a quiet ride, require very little maintenance and allow complex designs. The material allows many shapes and angles which means that designs can incorporate loads of functional features.

What is the best way to store it?

Ideally, a boat would be stored on a trailer or rack however, the polyethylene is tough and can withstand a variety of environments.

What happens if my boat/kayaks gets a dent or scratch?

Bumps and scratches will not affect the function of your craft. If significant damage is caused to your craft, it can be repaired using plastic welding methods. It is best to source a skilled plastic welder for this purpose.

Exposing a dent to the direct sun for a few hours will often straighten out a dent on its own as the polyethylene has a ‘memory’ and will naturally return to its shape when heated.

What warranty do you offer?

We offer manufacturers 5-year warranty on the hull of all our boats and kayaks used in recreational applications.

Commercial (including hire craft) applications carry a one year warranty.

Do I have to register my boat?

Every state of Australia has its own rules for boat registration. As an example, in WA, if your boat is fitted with a motor or can be fitted with a motor then it must be registered.

What is the best back support for my kayak?

We recommend a back rest which supports your lower back for enhanced paddling comfort.

What is the difference between sit in and sit on paddle craft?

A sit in paddle craft is generally a cockpit style kayaks which is dryer when paddling and can accommodate a spray deck/skirt

A sit on paddle craft is generally a ski style where there is no cockpit. These craft are easy to get on and off while out on the water.

What difference does a longer kayak make?

When paddling, the longer the paddle craft, the faster you will go through the water. Length needs to be considered against manoeuvrability and stability and with the intended purpose or type of paddling you intend on doing. This will ensure you match the very best kayak for you.

How do I look after my FINN craft?

No maintenance is required on the polyethylene material however accessories and fit out hard wear requires regular cleaning with fresh water to preserve the best condition possible. Ideally, kayaks and boats enjoy longer-term storage with the hull supported. A trailer or rack is recommended.

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Why should I consider a FINN?

We are totally Western Australian manufactured and owned company. Designer and owner, Alwyn Duke is continually improving the range of boats and kayaks to ensure the best on water experience for customers.

We ensure we use the best quality materials in all our craft for a tough, durable end product that will provide many years of reliable fun and function for customers.

We provide expert ongoing after sales service, delivered by experienced paddling and boating enthusiasts.